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To date, Partners in Education has recruited, screened, and trained over 10,000 individuals willing to offer their assistance in a classroom or program.

Guest Speaker icon Guest Speaker

Virtual guest speakers are available for several topics including:

  • Interactive Elementary (Enjoyable, hands-on experiences for students in grades K-6).
  • Career Exploration
  • Why College?
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Motivational Speaking
  • Other. Not seeing what youre looking for? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

Volunteers can Zoom into a classroom, or teachers can ask for pre-recorded videos from our guest speakers that can be screened at your convenience.

Partners in Education Logo icon Partners in Education Originals

Designed for high-school students, our Adulting 101 modules include content on:

  • Making a good impression (interview skills)
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • How to be a good employee
  • Financial Literacy Series

Additional student resources are also available for most modules.

Volunteers can Zoom into a classroom, or teachers can ask for pre-recorded videos from our guest speakers that can be screened at your convenience.

Webinar icon Webinars

Partners in Education offers a series of webinars featuring local professionals and community experts. Topics include:

  • Job Hunting in a Virtual Age and During Challenging Times
  • Imagining Jobs and Job Skills Needed in the Future
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Do I Have to Go to College?
  • Participate! Civic Responsibilities and Social Issues
  • Mindfulness and Managing Anxiety

The webinars will be offered throughout the year. View our Events Calendar.

Partners in Education will also make recordings of previous webinars available to educators to screen at their convenience.

Classroom Buddy icon Classroom Buddy

For credentialed teachers looking for help with:

  • Online classroom management
  • Material creation (for example, developing learning guides for our video resources).
  • Student packet creation and distribution
  • … and more

Volunteers can assist virtually or in-person.

Career Day icon Career Day

Designed for junior high and high school, and can be integrated with your Career and Technical Education curriculum, Career Day volunteers are waiting to sign-up and share their experiences with your students!

Career Days will be weekly in October and February. View our Events Calendar to register today!

If you are not able to join us live, contact us to find out how you can screen recordings of the sessions at your convenience, after they air live.

Mock Job Interviews icon Mock Job Interviews

Industry experts are ready to lead students through experiencing what it is like to go through a job interview!

Schedule a call with our Educator Services Manager at (805) 964-4710 ext. 4418 to find out how we can schedule this high-impact volunteer event!

Video Resources icon Virtual Tutoring

Note: May not be available at all school sites. Contact us for more details.

Partners in Education implements a district-approved process of recruitment, screening, and training for all volunteers. Contact us to find out how you can bring some of these volunteers into your classroom as virtual tutors.

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