Boris Grodzovsky: World Changer


Boris Grodzovsky is being recognized for his work at Los Robles High School and the Los Prietos Boys Camp.

The Boys Camp is located in the Los Padres National Forest, and provides a rehabilitative program for delinquent males between the ages of 13 and 18, that allows them to continue their education and get involved in positive, skill building activities, before returning to the community. In addition to the partnership that Computers for Families has with the site, that allows the young men to learn how to refurbish computers and then help distribute them to families in need, Partners in Education provides career and college readiness workshops, thanks to a group of committed volunteers.

Boris Grodzovsky is one of these amazing volunteers. Boris, who is a skilled plumber by trade, as well as a member of the Santa Barbara Rotaract, says that what he appreciates the most about Partners in Education is that it gave him the opportunity to reach a part of the community that is not easily reached and needs all the help we can give.

Victor Prato, educator at Los Robles High School had this to say about Boris: “Boris is a very engaging and interesting guest speaker. He captivates the boys’ attention. He made the boys realize that there is money to be made in an honest way, and that you can be very desirable in the workforce if you put in hard work and learn a great skill.”

According to Marley Herrick, Partners staff, “Boris just gets it. He knows immediately how to connect with students, and is contagiously passionate, both about the work he does and helping others.

At the most recent Career Day at Los Robles, Boris helped a student put pieces of pipe together during a hands on demonstration. Afterwards he said, “Does it feel like you just made $100? Do you feel like you just helped a family? Because you just did both in two minutes.”

It’s no wonder Boris is considered one of most inspirational speakers to join our volunteer family.

The Partners in Education World Changer Award is presented by the board of directors, to volunteers who are exemplary in their roles—those who in addition to being reliable and performing the assigned functions, go above and beyond, always seeking ways to make better and more meaningful experiences for the students and educators they serve.

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