Partners in Education operates three award-winning programs to support youth, families, educators, schools and youth-serving nonprofits in our community. To learn more about any of our programming, click on the program name for more detail.

puzzle-pieceComputers for Families

Computers for Families is an award-winning program that seeks to bridge the digital divide that hinders low-income students from achieving academic success.  This comprehensive program includes access to subsidized high-speed internet, training and ongoing technical support for teachers and families and a computer repair program at the Los Prietos Boys Camp.

puzzle-pieceCountywide Volunteer Program

The Countywide Volunteer Program was designed in response to schools’ needs for support from the community.  Partners recruits, trains and places volunteers from our community to strengthen the ability of schools to meet the needs of their students.

puzzle-piecePaid Student Internship Program

Our Paid Student Internship and Career Exploration Program seeks to assist disadvantaged youth in finding their own potential by arranging paid internship experiences with local businesses as well as providing training in preparation for entering the work force.

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