Partners in Education Volunteer Spotlight: Marie Foley.

Countywide Volunteer Program

Partners in Education’s Countywide Volunteer Program serves as the hub of volunteer coordination in Santa Barbara County, placing volunteers into activities that directly meet current and ongoing school and nonprofit needs.  

The Countywide Volunteer Program coordinates over 30 different types of volunteer activities from tutoring to hosting internships. In alignment with the needs of students, the program has a special focus on career preparation for youth, coordinating volunteers to participate in: Career Days, career panels, mock job interviews, job shadows, and career mentors via our Internship Program.

puzzle-pieceHow it Works

1. Educators request help.

2. Volunteers sign up, sharing about their personal passions, interests, and skills.

3. Our volunteer managers work to make the best possible match, linking a request with the right volunteer(s). 

Program staff act as case managers, guiding and training volunteers through the process, and communicating with school staff to ensure the highest quality volunteer engagement. 

puzzle-pieceWho Volunteers?

Students benefit from direct interaction with three main types of volunteers:

  • Business professionals
  • College Students
  • Retired individuals

We welcome companies, groups, families, service clubs, and individuals looking to contribute in meaningful way. Sign up and we will find a place for you to serve! Click here to learn more about getting your business involved. 

puzzle-pieceProgress to Date

Since the program’s launch in 2008, local businesses and individuals have delivered a whopping 200,000 hours of service. With up to 200 volunteers in action on a daily basis, this number is continuously on the rise. 


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