Q & A with Kirsten McLaughlin, 2018-19 Board President

Theresa McLaughlinMarket Vice President at Cox Communications and longtime Computers for Families advocate, Kirsten McLaughlin takes the helm on the Partners Board.

What excites you most about being Board President?

I come from a family of educators and always thought that I would be a teacher. While my career took me in a different direction, being Board President is so special because it allows me an amazing opportunity to support our students and our educators and really make a difference in people’s lives and education. Like our mission says, we are preparing students for what’s next. What could be better than that?

We’re kicking off Career Day season on September 28th at La Colina Junior High. What would you say to a professional like yourself who isn’t quite sure about guest speaking in a classroom yet?

Your story is more interesting than you think it is, and more valuable for a young person to hear than you could ever imagine. Think about the people who touched your life and inspired you when you were young.That’s the impact career day speakers can have on our students.

Cox has worked closely with Partners for many years on Computers for Families. Why is this program still important, even as technology becomes more readily available?

This community was so far out ahead on this issue when CFF began giving away computers and Cox offered low cost internet to families in need starting almost 20 years ago.

Computers for Families and Cox’s Connect2Compete program are more essential than ever to bridging the digital divide and ensuring all of our students have the technology and connectivity they need to learn and compete. Our partnership with CFF has resulted in TWELVE thousand local families having tools and access to the internet. In fact, it was the model for our now national Connect2Compete program, which has connected hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

What’s the ONE thing you want people to know about Partners in Education?

There’s something for everyone–professionals of all ages, retired people, college students, the list goes on and on…and Partners makes it easy and fun to get involved. It’s such a great group of people to work with–staff, other volunteers, the board–and that can make all the difference in a volunteer experience.

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